Treading the boards with PR

I was just thinking that running a PR business – or any business in fact – can be likened to running a theatre company.

For a PR or marketing firm, you will have some clients on the public stage – doing their thing, presenting their companies and products to the world. You have some new business clients, waiting in the wings, ready to join in the production and shout about what they do.

Of course, if you are a manufacturing business or a service company, you may have some products on stage, with a whole line of new products and services under development, waiting in the wings, until their time comes and they take centre stage.

We have a number of different audiences – some will be regular audiences who want to hear about the latest goings-on, on the stage. Some might come every night out of habit. Others could be new or irregular audiences, but they all want to be entertained with good, timely updates, accurate information, interesting and amusing anecdotes. They want to know who the latest players are – the biography of a new leading man or lady, for instance. Who are they, why are they here? What expertise and extra energy can they bring to the show? What part are they playing?

So, you know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Yes – who is putting up the posters? You might have the very best decor, front-of-house, seating, lighting, sound.. but unless those wonderful posters are up in the street outside, the audience might just be passing on by.

What you need is someone who knows where the audiences hang out, what special media they read, who exactly will be interested in hearing about your lovely play – or even if the play itself needs a slight re-write.

Grab some attention for your business – and if you want some advice on where public relations and customer loyalty fit into the marketing mix, do get in touch.

Good luck with your group’s next performance! Curtain up is just a day away.

James Edwards Tenor
James Edwards Tenor

“I have really appreciated the work you have done for me. It’s given me a proper introduction to PR on a professional and personal level. I shall recommend your services should I get any enquiries.”